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Pitka Leather Dog Collars are made in variety of colors and available for all dog sizes, from tiny dogs to very large breeds. Designer dog collars are made of quality and nice whole grain leather, with another layer of soft leather inner line for dog's comfort and durability. On this page you will find plain designer leather collars line, but also same collars in options with spikes (short and long), round studs or Conchos, as well as braided collars line.

leather dogs collars plain

Plain Leather Collars
Spiked leather dog collars

Spiked Leather Dog Collars
Studed Leather Dog Collars
Studded Leather Pet Collars
Dog leather collars with conchos
Dogs Collars w/ Conchos

Braided leather dog Collars
Braided Leather dog Collars

Dog leather collars with eylets
Dog Collars w/ Eylets
Aligator print leather dog collars
Aligator Design Dog Collars>

Detailed Collars Description

All Pitka Leather Designer Dog Collars are made of quality whole grain leather and a lot of colors to choose from in each size. Collars have nice nickel plated buckles with matching D rings and smooth burnished edges for full comfort. Matching Leather Dog Leashes are also available, so your dog can get all necessary dog accessories at once. You can find collar color that would match your dog's color or personality. We can add spikes and studs or Conchos and studs, but also add personal touch to them with Rhinestone, Chrome or half Chrome half Rhinestone letters and charms.

All in all you can choose any of lines below that would work for you and your dog the best:

Plain Leather Collars - XS, S, L, XL and XXL collars available

Spiked Collars - M, L and XL collars with short (1/2") or long (1") spikes and rounded studs

Dog Collars with rounded studs - All collar sizes, from XS up to XL with rounded studs along the collar

Braided Leather Dog Collars - M, L and XL collars braided with leather lace in same or different color

Dog Collars with Conchos and studs - Medium, Large and Extra Large collars with Conchos and rounded studs

Dog Collars with Alligator skin - M and L collars with matching dog leashes.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist you. The best way to reach us is via our contact email at as we check our email most frequently.

Orders and payments cannot be processed over the phone. Smaller orders are usually processed and shipped in 48 hours, if placed in full. If you don't receive any email confirmation, please contact us ASAP with your accurate contact and shipping information.