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If you would like to show your beloved pet how special they are, then here is definitely great and unique way.

Leather Dogs Collars and Matching Leather Leads

XS - Extra Small Collar - Leash set

Custom made leather dog collar and leash

S-Small Collar - Leash set

Dog collar and leash personalized set

$36.00 - $38.00

M-Medium Dog Collar - Leash Set

Dog collar and matching dog leash
$39.00 - $45.00

L-Large-leather collar - Leash set

Lether dog collar leash set

XL-Extra Large Dog Collar and Dog Leash set

)Pink leather dog collar leash
$50.00 - $56.00
XXL - Big Dog Collar - Leash Set

Personalized leather dog collar and leash
$54.00 - $61.00

3" wide tapered dog collar with 1" leather leash

unique custom made dog collar-leash set

$71.00 - $78.00

You can order your Custom Collar and Leash set in variety of color combinations and lettering styles.

When you click on highlighted links or pictures, you will be transferred to the next page, where you can order Dog Collar and leash. Feel free to use your imagination and design Custom Collar and Leash for your four legged family member. All our Dog Collars and Leashes are handcrafted in our work shop and according to your instruction.

Collar- Leash Description

All our Dog Collars and Leashes are hand crafted from high quality natural leather (cowhides), made in USA , providing durability and uniqunes for many years throughout the dog's life even as they grow.

We will make Leather Collar and Leash to your specification and to fit your particular dog needs. Dog's name is embossed (stamped) and hand colored with leather dye for collar and lettering colors for letters. Outlines and charms could not be colored.

.If your dogs are playing in or with water, please note that these collars and leashes should stay dry in order to last long, as even that colors are protected with leather wax, they don't work well with water.

Collar - Leash sets are available in all sizes, for the smallest toy dogs up to the largest dog breeds.

We will provide best quality and long lasting products, because we make these products for ten years now, for all dogs and dog lovers around the world, as well as for our own dogs.

Smaller or single orders are mostly processed and shipped in 48 hours if placed in full. Orders and payments could not be processed over the phone. Please make sure to check if your shipping and contact email information with payment are accurate, so we can confirm processing and shipping.

For any questions or concerns, please email us at and we will replay as soon as possible.

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