Personalized, rhinestone and designer cat collars

-Unique - Shipped in 48 hr - Made in USA-

Leather Cat Collars Personalized, decorated with studs or with cat's name in rhinestone, chrome or mixed letters, make perfect gift for your family feline and are guaranteed to last throughout cat's life. Pitka Leather Cat collars are designed and handcrafted from the highest quality leather.

Cat Collars Personalized
with stamped name

Personalized  colla rwith stamped name

1/2"- $12.00
5/8" - $13.00
Personalized Cat Collars with Rhinestone letters

Rhinestones  collars personalized with diy slide-on letters 10mm

1/2" - $10.00 + letters $3.00/each
5/8" - $13.00 + letters $3.00/each

Collars Personalized
with chrome DIY letters

Collars with chrome slide-on lettering 8mm stripe

1/2" - $10.00 + letters $2.50/each
5/8" - $13.00 + letters $2.50/each

Designer cat collars with round studs

Designer collars with and without round studs

5/8" - $13.00

Cusom made Cat Collars with Chome-Rhinestones name

 personalized cat collars

1/2" - $10.00 + letters $3.00/each
5/8" - $13.00 + letters $3.00/each

Patent Leather Cristal Cat Collars

caat collars with cristals

1/2"- $12.00
5/8" - $13.00

Cat Collars detailed description

Pitka Leather Cat Collars are made of either natural leather (cowhides) or nice designer whole grain leather and leather suede. Each one comes with nickel plated buckle and matching D ring to attach tags or hanging charms.

Rhinestone or chrome (also new: half chrome half rhinestones letters) personalized cat collars are made of high quality leather in variety of leather colors. Leather stripe with name is permanently attached to the collar, so letters will not be lost.

Embossed or stamped collars are made of natural leather vegetable tanned, where name, charms and phone numbers are hand stamped. These collars are hand colored with leather dye in several basic leather colors, protected with leather wax at the end.

All Cat Collars have burnished edges for full comfort around cat's neck. Collars on our pictures are only samples to give you some ideas when choosing or creating collar for your own cats.

All items on our site are handmade in our shop in Texas USA. Most of items are personalized for your pet only, so please make sure to order right size. For instruction on how to measure your cat's neck correctly, please click on Colars Sizing guide

Collars are available in several adjustments for each collar size, for smaller and bigger cats.

You can choose 1/2" wide cat collars for smaller cats or 5/8" wide for bigger cats. Also for bigger and fluffier cats we can customize 3/4" wide collars, on your request.

Cat Collar lines that you can find on our site are offered on pages below:

Personalized collars - Name is stamped on the center of the collar, hand painted and with smooth burnished edges. Option of ten leather colors and two lettering styles. Available with phone numbers if you request.

Rhinestone collars - Cat collars have attached stripe with rhinestone letters. Leather stripe is 10mm wide and we use only high quality white rhinestone slide-on letters that will not discolor by the time.

Chrome name collars - Leather cat collars have stripe with solid chrome metal slide on letters 8mm.

Chrome - Rhinestone collars - Cat collars have stripe personalized with 8 mm half chrome-half rhinestones letters.

Designer leather collars - Colorfull leather cat collars with or without rounded studs. Plain leather, with animal imprint, velvet suede and patent leather - choice is yours.

Orders are usually processed in 48 hours. We cannot process payments or orders over the phone. Please, check if your shipping and contact email information with payment is accurate, so we can confirm processing and shipping.

If you have any questions or need any help, please email us at and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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