Leather Dog Collars w/Studs

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Decorate your Leather Dog Collars with nice silver round studs along the collars, so your dogs will feel more special. We make studded dogs collars in all sizes from XS to XL ones and great color options to choose from.

Puppy Collars XS
Pet Collars Small
Dog Collars Medium
Large Dog Collars
Leather Dog Collars XL
Puppy collars with round studs Pet collars with studs-small Dogs collars medium with round studs Large leather dog collars with studs Studded dogs collars extra large
1/2" wide 5/8" wide 3/4" wide
1" wide 1.5" wide

10 (fits neck 6"-8")
12 (fits neck 8"-10")

12 (fits neck 8.5"-10.5")
14 (fits neck 9.5"-11.5")
16 (fits neck 11"-13")

16(fits neck 11"-13.5")
18( fits neck 13"-15.5")
20(fits neck 15"-17.5")

20(fits neck 15"-18")
22(fits neck 17"-20")
24(fits neck 19"-22")

20(fits neck 15"-18")
22(fits neck 17"-20")
24(fits neck 19"-22")
26(fits neck 21"-24")


Dog Collars description

Studded Dogs Collars are made in variety of different colors and available in all dog sizes, from very tiny dogs to larger breeds. They are made of quality and nice designer whole grain leather with another layer of softer leather liner for dog's full comfort and durability.

Our Dog Collars w/studs are made of quality plain leather or animal imprints on the leather, as well as of softer leather suede. Each collar size is available in different color options.

These Leather collars are made with nice nickel plated buckles, D rings and matching loops for bigger collar sizes.

Smaller Collars are made with small round studs, while bigger sizes have bigger studs and option of eyelets in adjustment, for better durability.

It is always important to measure your dog's current neck size, before placing order, so you can choose adjustment size(s) that would fit your dog the best.

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