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Wholesale dog collars prices are available only for verified retailers and pet businesses. You need to provide your CERTIFICATE OF RESALE in order to qualify for wholesale prices. Please email us copy of your certificate at, and we will send you wholesale price list.


croco leather collars

Faux Croco Leather Collars
dog collars patent leather

Patent Leather Collars

cristal dog collars

Cristal leather collarst

dog collarts with bone charmes

Bone Collars
personalized rhinestone collars

Personalized Series
spiked dog collars

Spiked Collars
big dog collars

Designer Latigo Leather
animal print dog collars

Hair on Leather
soft leather dog collars

Soft Leather Collars
dog collars metalic leather

Metalic Leather
breakaway cat collars

Breakaway Cat Collars


Why should you buy wholesale pet products from Pitka Leather?

1. Free shipping for orders over $250.00

2. You will receive high quality leather dog collars and leads at the lowest manufacturer prices. You are placing order directly from us. That means higher profit margin for your business.

3. You can request special order to be made per your design (if colors are available).

Our products are made in USA and of high quality leather only. High quality good selling products combined with our low overhead give us opportunity to pass low prices to you, so your profit margin will be much higher when buying from us than some of big manufacturers or importers. Usually these big companies are overloaded with unnecessary expenses which are ultimately paid by you. That greatly affects your profit margin.

But, do not take our words for granted, explore and compare our dog products quality and prices with other manufacturers.

If you give us a chance and try our line of quality leather dog collars, we promise that you will be our customer for a long time. Also we are working on implementing drop shipping for our line of best selling personalized leather dog collars and lashes. If that is something that you would be interested in visit our web site often (we will post updates soon) or send us email.

For any questions, please email us at

We are looking forward to do business with you.